Q1: How I can chose a Summer Camp for my child?

It's a question many parents struggle with. Some believe it is best to let kids roam and play in a way they rarely do these days. It takes them away from computers, TV, and other high-tech time-suckers, swapping them for conversation, fun, and games in a natural, multinational setting. And perhaps most important, camps are no-parent- zones. "Kids have to learn how to separate from their families and become resilient and independent. Camp gives them a safe way to take these steps
Q2: What actions are taken to ensure campers safety and wellbeing?

IThe safety and wellbeing of campers is the most essential part of the summer programs.
They are cared for from the moment they arrive at the destination airport, until the summer camp is over. All our camps are in residential schools and are 24 hours supervised by specially trained counselors, who provide s optimum guidance and care.
Q3: How to prepare your child for camp?

- Label everything that your child is taking with them with a fabric marker or iron-on label.
- Make sure all health forms are completed. It is important to provide the camp all the necessary information, including potentially embarrassing things such as sleep walking or bed wetting.
- Have your child spend a night or two with a friend or grandparent so that he / she can experience sleeping away from home before camp.
Q4: Will my child be supervised at all times?
Yes, your child will be supervised at all times, and will be assigned a Peak Leader to look after his / her welfare during the day and night. One Peak Leader is assigned to every FIVE children according to gender. Children are not permitted to go off the site unless accompanied by a member of staff.
Q5: Will my child need any particular clothing or equipment?
All camps provide you with list of all items that your child may need according time and type of activates and the frequency they do the laundry.
Q6: What type of food will be provided?
Camps pay good attention to any special dietary requirements. They must be notified at least two weeks prior to arrival. Mainly they aim to provide all children with a healthy, balanced and high-energy diet during the course of their stay. Vegetarian or No pork options are available can be catered for.
Q7: How will my child be entertained in the evening?
Each camp operates an evening entertainment programme ranging from film nights to discos, talent shows or quizzes.
Q8: Do I need to provide pocket money?
Its parent’s choice to provide pocket money for their child though it is highly recommended to allow them to handle money by themselves.
Q9: What if my child requires medication whilst on their stay?
Camp must be notified in advance of any medical complaints or illnesses and treatments required during child's stay. Therefore completion of the health forms is very important. Full records of treatment will be documented and parents / guardians will always be alerted in an emergency.
Q6: Can my child bring a mobile phone / computer console etc?
In our experience it is not advisable for children to bring these items with them as they will be too busy to use them. We take all next of kin details, so if contact with parents / guardians is necessary, this can be arranged by telephone.
Q7: What to bring:?
• Night clothes
• Dressing Gown
• Slippers
  • Germany Summer 2017
    We became all friends from the first moment of the trip. Two amazing weeks. We loved most daily swimming in the lake. Also the shopping day in Berlin.
    Martina, Jameela, Kareem
  • UK, Summer 2017
    I had so much fun with the Adventure Summer Program. Schedule was packed with activities. Great international mix from all over the world. Happy to keep lovely memories of this great summer.
  • UK, Summer 2017
    My aim was to improve my English Language skills as I am in French International school. Great teachers and I could I benefit a lot from spending 4 weeks in Cambridge and Oxford university. Unique experience.
  • UK Summer 2016
    El Sayed 16 years, Mini MBA
  • Switzerland, Summer 2013
    I loved most the friend from Spain, I met there and could speak Spanish with them. It was French Language summer course and that was good chance to speak also French. Leysin is the French speak part of Switzerland. It was fun to switch between French & Spanish all the time.
    Nardine (14 years old)
  • Canada, Summer from 2010 to 2015
    I love Tamwood camp and like to come every summer. My brother Yassin is young but when he completed 7 years old, he could join me. I love most that I meet every summer with same friends.
    Ayah & Yassin
  • Germany, Summer 2014
    I needed to enhance my German language. The classes were useful. Grammar classes were very useful. We were only 9 students from different places. My roommate was from India. During sport time we could speak German with instructors and group leaders.
    Shaza (9 years old)
  • UK, Summer 2014
    I did not expect to have such great time together with my brother. We were placed in 2 different programs: English Language & Sport. We never travelled alone. But GCI made all arrangements with the airline and the camp so we felt safe all the time, especially when we arrived at Heathrow airport and when we landed in Cairo airport after 2 great weeks, we shall never forget.
    Alei El Din & Mahmoud (15 & 14 years old)
  • Austria, Adventure Camp
    Austria is a very beautiful country and living in a wooden Chalet surrounded by the mountains made all adventures accessible. I loved most the hiking as well as mountain biking. We enjoyed the disco music at night after dinner. It was so safe and well organized.
    Hana (12 years old)
  • Switzerland, Summer 2013
    Paragliding is an unmatched experience. Flying over the Swiss Alpes was breath taking.
    I was not afraid. The instructors were very good to make everything safe.
  • London, Summer 2014, Kids Camp
    I am from Japan but my father works in Egypt. My parents planned to go to London, but I went alone. It was very difficult the first 2 nights to be away from my parents. I met with other kids and we became friends and I was not alone anymore. I love to go there again.
    Haruki (8 years old)
  • Switzerland, Summer 2015
    My younger brother Noor joined Kids Camp as he is 9 years old. I first chose English but switched to Sport as I am sport fan and there were so many sports and trainers. The camp leaders were so nice
    We could only phone home before bed-time but that was OK.

    Mohamed & Noor (11 years old )
  • London, University preparation, Summer 2015
    My brother & I are fan of travelling in summer. My brother Joe joined Manchester United soccer Camp, but I preferred to enhance my English language as my first language in school is French.
    As I booked very late, there was not place in campus, so I decided to stay with a British family. I loved this experienced very much and I am still in touch with this family so are my parents.

    Abdel Rahman El Masry (18years old)
  • Germany, Summer 2015.
    I am student at DEO and this is my first trip to Germany. I was much excited to learn about life in Germany and practice my German language with German children and teachers. Berlin is such amazing young city full of many students from all over the world who come to study there.
    Salma (13 years old)
  • Germany Young & Fun program, Summer 2015
    The GLS summer camp is a unique international place where you meet people from all over the world. As we are big basketball fans, we enjoyed the variety of sports offered on site. It was August and hot but we could swim every day. The camp BBQ at night on the lake was great fun.
    Ingy & Judy
  • France, Adventure River Camp, summer 2015
    The experience to sleep in tent along the river was new and strange at the beginning. But it was worth to be so close to wild nature. Rafting was such thrilling experience. That was great summer we had a real blast.
    Albert & Cherif (14 years old)
  • Soccer Camp Manchester United summer 2014
    English soccer is great, I learned new technics. I loved the stadium and best of all to attend one match.
    I liked the souvenir shop with all football gifts and T-shirts.
    Omar (8 years old)
  • UK summer 2013
    Young leader programs are the best summer program for our age. Mix between academic experience and colleges in UK as well fun and excursions to famous sightseeing in London.
    Mohamed, Youssef, Zyad (15 years old)
  • London Summer 2012
    This is my third time same camp in London. That was the time to join the Young leader Program, which I recommend for all students who want to learn more about subject necessary to prepare for a career. The camp management asked me to join again but as a team leader.
  • UK, Summer 2013
    This is my second time same camp. This time my friends joined me, when I told them about the great time I had last summer. Also friends from other countries came back as we agreed to meet again. We are still in contact via the social media.
    Youssef (15 years old)
  • UK, summer 2011
    First time in UK. I wanted to improve my English language skills. The course was useful and the teachers were great. After classes there were plenty of choices of sport activities. Best was the full day excursion to London.
    Youssef (14 years old)
  • UK Summer 2010
    For family commitment, I could only plan to go for one week. Still it was full of action and activities. I loved the big mix of different nationalities from all over the world. There was not a one single boring minute.
    Yehia (16 years old)
  • Switzerland, Summer 2006
    My brother & I were split according age group. But I could meet with him during meal time and during the full day excursions. Best day when we visited the chocolate factory and the Aqua Park.
    Youssef & AbdelRahman
  • Switzerland, Summer 2005
    Before coming arriving I was nervous but soon met with so many friends. Camp leaders were friendly and fun
    So I loved the rest of my stay very much.
    Kanzy (9 years old)
  • Switzerland, Summer 2005.
    It was our first time to Switzerland. Residence camp was safe and very close to town. We liked most those little souvenirs shops in that beautiful village and came back home with lots of happy memories.

    Salma & Mirna (15 years old)